String Quartets

What instruments are in a string quartet, and what type of events are string quartets best suited to?

string quartet instrumentsWhat is a string quartet? As the name suggests, it is a band that consists of four stringed instruments. A string quartet like String Musicians Australia usually has two violins, a viola and a cello. The people that play these instruments are well trained musicians who can play any form of music for you. The beauty of string quartets like is that they sound like a mini orchestra and classical, jazz, pop, instrumental and all form of modern music can be played. A lot of the musicians who are part of this string quartet have played at professional orchestras before.

There are so many types of events for which string quartet hire would work well. Do you want to make on official function, such as a farewell or an annual day more fun? Would you like all the members of your organization to forge stronger bonds and build themselves as better employees? Your string quartet playing lovely music will definitely be a strong temptation for people to drink and dance in these office events, leading them to get to know each other better in the informal settings. For all types of corporate functions, having string quartets will change the look and feel of your function.

Another occasion where the string quartet can play is at birthday parties. You would like to gift your spouse or your partner something special for their birthday. You can ask the band to customize a song on behalf of you and play it for the special birthday person. This gives that person a extraordinary feeling and a wonderful song to always remember that occasion by. So many years after that birthday, there will always be a reference to that unique birthday celebration.

Last but not the least wedding string quartets are also very popular, for example There are so many guests in a wedding party and there is nothing as special as having a string quartet play lovely live music at the party, so that everyone at the wedding can put on their dancing shoes and enjoy with gay abandon.

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