Keeping your body hydrated - How much water does the human body require for optimal health?

Uses of water in the body, and ensuring you drink enough fresh rainwater

rain water falling splashIt is a known fact the world over that the composition of the human body is anywhere between sixty percent to seventy percent water. Our blood, muscles, brain and lungs all contain water. Water is important in transporting nutrition and supplements to all the organs of your body. Water is also necessary to carry oxygen and rid your body of all the waste. Human life is very dependent on water. Proper drinking water is elixir for the body keeping it hydrated all the time. Lack of proper drinking water can result in several forms of illnesses and maybe even death. It therefore becomes imperative that every human consumes at least 3 litres per day under normal temperatures or more depending upon the how hot it is.

As the population of the entire world keeps growing and the ozone layer is depleting fast leading to higher temperatures, water scarcity is a reality that human beings have to deal with. It is a matter of greatest concerns for all environmentalists the world over as the season has drier and drier spells of weather and lack of proper water fit for drinking.

Water conservation and rainwater harvesting are being looked upon as solutions to the water shortage world over. Rainwater harvesting is also receiving attention from governments and several incentives are being provided to those who store and harvest this rainwater. Many Brisbane water tank suppliersrecognize the importance of rainwater storage and are actively participating in educating as many people as they can for example The Water Tank Factory here:

Run off rainwater can be stored in water tanks. Although water tanks are available in many types, the most popular are poly tanks. These poly tanks are known to be more resistant to corrosion, durable, cost effective and look very trendy as well. Speaking of trendy, as living spaces are shrinking rapidly, so is storage space. One innovative type of water tank to consider if you have little space is an under ground tank. For more information on underground tanks you can visit Under ground water tanks can be fitted anywhere below your front hard. Not only do they serve your purpose of storing water that can be utilised for drinking but they also do not mar the look of your front yard which you have worked so hard to make beautiful.

References: Information relating to water tanks sourced from The Water Tank Factory


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