Height and how it influences first perceptions

How much of a factor is height, in the way people perceive you, and some tips to increase your height?

i love tall men shirtWe must acknowledge that there is a certain extent of connection between height and perception and it would be foolish to overlook this link. There is a general agreement to the fact that those who are taller have been perceived to be better sportspersons, actors, models, more authoritative bosses and the list is endless. Suppose you went for an interview. Do you think that your height would affect the perception of your interviewer? Some would argue against this but in so many years of my experience, I have seen a bias towards physical appearances of a certain kind which include attributes such as a smile, your gait, confidence and height. Usually a taller candidate would be a preference for a job that requires interaction with different people, as the candidate seems more confident in the way they carry themselves.

That does not mean that you have to be disheartened if you are shorter. There are ways to look and feel more positive and appear taller. Some tips are to stand up straight, always look people in the eye, be confident in you and consider shoes that make men taller at In case you are wondering what kind of shoes these are, then you should read through the rest of this article. In order to make you look taller, the team at have designed a pair of beautifully and painstakingly handcrafted leather elevator shoes that give you an instant increase in your height by inches. You do not have to worry about using sham products these man heels will work for you at one fourth the cost and will save you from troublesome goods. They are nothing but shoes with inches added to them. These heels for men (which can be viewed at have a concealed in a cushioned lining within the shoe and no one can even notice it. So please do not think any further and ensure you also own your very own pair of tall shoes for men.


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