301 Redirects

The dilemma many webmasters face when they change web addresses, and how redirection with a 301 redirect can help

301 redirect arrow signAs a webmaster your biggest worry could well be the fact that if you update your website and add new web pages or you need to move a whole website, you will lose your web traffic. Even if you delete a web page your search engine rankings go down. In order to maintain your high search engine rankings you need to redirect website traffic to the new or updated pages. How do you redirect website traffic to your new web pages? The best way would be to use a 301 redirect domain to safely move your current website traffic to your new web pages without losing your search engine rankings.

301 Redirect Domain is a way of redirecting traffic from one domain to the other. It is important to redirect domain because two URLs, one of which is a non www URL can use 301 Redirect Domain to redirect website traffic to a www URL because certain search engines will consider them as different URLs. It also becomes significant to ascertain the kind of server you are using. After ascertaining the kind of server you are using, the server hosting your website is instructed to redirect web traffic smoothly.

Another circumstance where the 301 Redirect is useful is when users access your website through different URLs. In such a case you can choose your favourite URL and redirect users from other URLs to your preferred URL. This enables a smooth transition.

301 redirects work by being inferred as “permanently moved”. The 301 redirect is applied by making an .htaccess file. It becomes therefore important to understand what an .htaccess file is. When a webpage is requested for by a visitor your web server will then check for an .htaccess file which holds detailed directions for redirection requests. After the code the URL of the page to be renamed is written, it is followed by a space, then followed by the new web page site or file name. I'd recommend taking a look at the site if you're interested in reading more about 301 redirects and how to implement these on your website.


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